It took more than 7 years for Fernando Frías de la Parra to make I´m No Longer Here, his most recent feature film. While in New York, the creator of Rezeta, a film that anticipated the current trend in Mexican cinema to offer light, and intelligent films with reliable formal and narrative proposals, he reflected on his move to another country and the idea of ​​escaping from Mexico. I´m No Longer Here – which follows the Monterrey Cholombian movement, a group united in (among other things) their taste for Colombian cumbia – follows Ulises, a teenager forced to emigrate to the United States. Frías de la Parra’s film has a unique narrative power: on the one hand it is the story of a boy who faces the disappearance of what he loves the most, his gang, who he considers his family. This disappearance, on the other hand, has a political reading: the movement of the Cholombians was devastated by drug trafficking, which hooked young people and adults eager for protection and identity. Halfway between drama and comedy, I´m No Longer Here is a bittersweet portrait about a sense of community that allows us to congregate around joy, that is, around what is not political or precisely economical capital.

Review by:   Carlos Rodríguez



Fernando Frías de la Parra | Mexico City, 1979

Fernando Frías de la Parra studied a master’s degree in screenwriting and directing at Columbia University, New York. His first feature film, Rezeta (2012), won several awards at the festival circuit, including the Jury Prize for Best Narrative Film at the Slamdance Film Festival. In 2014 the director attended the Sundance Screenwriters Lab with the project Ya no estoy aquí, winner of the Mexican feature film award at the Morelia Film Festival.

Screenplay: Fernando Frías de la Parra
Producer: Fernando Frías de la Parra, Alberto Müffelmann, Kim Gerry
Production Company: PPW Films, Panorama Global
Cinematography: Damián García
Edition: Yibrán Asuad
Sound: Javier Umpierrez
Cast: Juan Daniel Garcia Treviño, Bianca Coral Puente Valenzuela, Jonathan Fernando Espinoza Gámez