Lillian, an inexpressive and lonely young woman, decides to return to her native Russia after her resources, and her permission to remain in the United States, run out. Through changing landscapes and contrasting climates, we witness an unusual and unforgettable journey that crosses an entire country. Almost transparent, the protagonist (beautifully interpreted by Patrycja Płanik) shows us what it is to be a woman in a world full of danger. This fiction based on real events – which was presented as part of the Directors´ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival – finds its most meaningful moments in the protagonist´s silences and, conversely, in the sounds of the spaces and figures around her. The film –from its title-  is a manifesto and a call to arms that asks us to remember those who have disappeared and those who seek to survive.

Review by:   Selene Enríquez



Andreas Horvath | Salzburg | Austria, 1968

Andreas Horvath is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer whose films have been screened at the Venice, Locarno, Karlovy Vary, Rotterdam, London, Chicago and San Francisco film festivals, among others. His filmography highlights The Silence of Green (2002), This Ain’t No Heartland (2004), Views of a Retired Night Porter (2006), Arab Attraction (2010), Earth’s Golden Playground (2013) and Helmut Berger, Actor (2015).

Screenplay: Andreas Horvath
Producer: Ulrich Seidl
Production Company: UlrichSeidl FilmProduktion
Cinematography: Andreas Horvath
Edition: Michael Palm, Andreas Horvath
Music: Andreas Horvath
Sound: Klaus Kellermann
Cast: Patrycja Płanik