“I think it’s a moral and not an economic problem,” David Zonana told Variety magazine about his film Workforce. In the movie, Luis Alberti plays Francisco, a bricklayer whose brother, who is also engaged in construction – (a high-risk, unregulated job in Mexico) – dies in an accident at work. The film in some way prolongs the exploration of the labor crisis in Mexico, addressed in recent years by titles such as The Chambermaid (Lila Aviles), Warehoused (Jack Zagha ​​Kababie), Workers (José Luis Valle) and even, although tangentially, Roma (Alfonso Cuarón). When the head of the company and owner of the property refuses to take responsibility for the death, Francisco decides to involve the rest of his companions, as well as their families. Using mostly fixed shots, Zonana’s opera prima, which calls into question the concept of community, borders on comedy, although it does not lose sight of the seriousness of its approach by portraying a frequent ethical problem: taking advantage of a position of advantage to abuse the other.

Review by:   Carlos Rodríguez



David Zonana | Mexico City, 1989

Mexican director, writer and producer who studied communication at Universidad Anáhuac. Since 2012 he has worked as a producer at Lucía Films, a film company founded by Michel Franco, in films such as 600 Millas (2015), Los herederos (2015), El último paciente: Chronic (2015) and Las hijas de Abril (2017). As director he has made 3 short films: Princesa (2014), Sangre Alba (2016) and Hermano (2017). His debut opera, Mano de obra, was selected during its development stage by the IX BoliviaLab and in the first edition of the Morelia Sundance Lab. During its post-production period the movie also won the Work in Progress Award at the Los Cabos International Film Festival.

Screenplay: David Zonana
Producer: Michel Franco, David Zonana, Eréndira Núñez Larios
Production Company: Lucía Films
Cinematography: Carolina Costa
Edition: Óscar Figueroa Jara
Music: Murcof
Sound: Federico González Jordán
Cast: Luis Alberti, Horacio Celestino, Hugo Mendoza