FICTU is dialogue.

The second edition of Tulum’s International Film Festival, which will take place from August 4 to 8, will screen a series of films in 4 sections: Hemisferio: a selection of films that explore the most urgent issues to be resolved in our time, such as the climate crisis, social inequality, problems of representation, etc.; Horizonte Mexico: outstanding contemporary Mexican films; Pulsar: risky films that challenge the conventions of cinematographic language; and Sideral: films by worldwide known directors or with recognizable actors and actresses.

FICTU will have free screenings on the beach and at various locations in Tulum, in addition to a mobile venue that will tour 4 Mayan villages promoting environmental responsibility. Furthermore, to disseminate film culture in the State of Quintana Roo, the festival will screen films in their original language with the possibility of being heard in Mayan.

This project to disseminate film culture in Tulum is possible thanks to the spur of Quintana Roo’s governor, Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez, and the vision of the director of the Tourism Promotion Council, Dario Flota Ocampo. They recognize the importance of film exhibitions both to promote cultural activities in the community and to reactivate the economy as soon as possible after the pandemic that began in 2020.

Under Paula Chaurand’s lead, the festival seeks to broadcast a selection of films that represent the multitude of voices of contemporary cinema.

FICTU also has two initiatives to promote film production. FICTU Cometa is a call for 200,000 pesos for films that are in production or post-production. FICTU Studio is a project that helps filmmakers to start their professional careers by providing them with the tools to present their films and get financing. There will also be a series of Masterclasses (mostly in online format) with industry professionals to encourage reflection and criticism based on film culture.

There will be industry’s guests (directors, producers, actors) and other cinema protagonists to be announced soon.


Disseminating the highest quality cinema to reflect on the most urgent issues to be addressed in our context and trigger transformative actions.


Creating a sensitive, analytical, and participatory community that improves its environment by taking cinematographic forms as a starting point.


Finding the most daring cinematographic examples that reflect on the most transcendent themes of our surroundings.

Disseminating the work of new Mexican talents at home and abroad.

Carrying out a timely dissemination project that reflects on the most critical challenges of the Mexican reality.

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FICTU is a starting point for the film industry to dialogue with issues such as the environment, culture, linguistic diversity, etc.
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