Gull (Gal-Mae-Gi)
Gull (Gal-Mae-Gi)

Available on Filminlatino from September 1 to 4.

Gull (Gal-Mae-Gi)

Corea del Sur — 2020

Kim Mi-jo’s debut feature confirms the good health of South Korean cinema. O-bok is an older woman who runs a seafood stall in a market. But on the day she goes to meet her in-laws, she is raped. Although the first stance of the protagonist is trying to forget what happened, she gradually faces her fears and the rumors she hears in the market where she works. The images are extraordinarily in tune with the characters’ feelings. When O-bok projects joy and unconcern during the dinner where she meets her in-laws, the camera registers the events hesitantly, as if it senses the woman’s fateful destiny. On the other hand, when she faces her conflicts and the people around her, the camera takes a distant and paradoxically harmonious position. Kim Mi-jo won the Jeonju Film Festival Grand Prize for this film in 2020. Gull (Gal-Mae-Gi) was presented at San Sebastian last year and received a unanimous favorable critical acclaim. Review by: FICTU
Producer company

Dankook Graduate School of Cinematic Content (DGC) / Tiger Cinema


JEONG Young-hwan, PARK Gi-yong


KIM Mi-jo


KIM Mi-jo


SO Seong-seop


JEONG Ae-hwa, KIM Byungchoon, LEE Jang-you, KO Seo-heui, KIM Ga-bin


KIM Si-hyun

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