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Mexico — 2020

Kuxlejal means life in Tsotsil. Yet, this documentary deals with the high suicide rates in native communities such as San Andres Larráinzar. To what extent are suicides a response to the adversities that these communities have to face? Through their own language and hip-hop rhythm, Kuxlejal shows how the women and young men of this community keep themselves alive. The lyrics of their songs expose their own stories while allowing the viewer to intuit the construction of identity in an indigenous community that, in seeking to preserve itself, tries to limit the integration of its young people into the globalized world (a world that, in any case, rejects them). In this territory, which is abundant in both tradition and scarcity. (the communities have no access to musical education), young people - cell phones in hand - have created a music scene in Los Altos de Chiapas, where almost 30 years ago, the Zapatista Liberation movement was born. The documentary shows the region’s beauty, in its nature and its people, giving prominence to its inhabitants. Amid the fatal tales of suicide, a series of voices emerge that generate a sense of strength and pride due to their origins. Directed by Elke Franke with the support of the Japanese foundation Hoso Bunka, Kuxlejal received a prize at the UNESCO Prix Jeunesse Festival. Review by: Leticia Chaurand
Producer company

Vientos Culturales A.C.


Humberto Gómez Pérez


Elke Franke


Juan Antonio Méndez Rodríguez (Xun Sero)


Cristian Valentín Molina Ramos, S-Hip-Hop Lumaltik, Dan Boden (Fortress Europe), The Tower of Light (Decisión), Au.Ra (Lost Highway)


María Laura “Ari” Hernández, Julio Erik González Pérez, José Manuel Ruíz Hernández, Marcos Gómez Hernández, Francisco Javier “Javi” Hernández, Manuel de Jesús “Chuy” López Díaz, María Isabel “Paris” Gonzales Díaz, Gilberto “Conejo” Díaz Gómez, Fabián “Chato” Hernández López, Víctor “Euro” Sánchez Hernández, Maximiliano “Max” Gonzales Díaz, Fabián “Fa-c” Ernesto Ruíz Hernández, Verónica “B-ro” Hernández Díaz, Carlos “Car” Díaz Hernández, Juan “Primo” Hernández Gómez, Martha Isabel “Chave” Hernández, Carlos Alejandro González +


Humberto Gómez Pérez, Elke Franke

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