That Which is to Come is Just a Promise
That Which is to Come is Just a Promise

Available on Filminlatino from September 1 to 4.

That Which is to Come is Just a Promise

Italia, Paises Bajos, Nueva Zelanda — 2019

The threat of climate change is curious in that it is everywhere, and yet, sometimes one cannot immediately see its effects. It is extremely rare for filmmakers to capture these opposing ideas and yet That Which is to Come is Just a Promise has done just this in a brilliantly executed artistic package. The small island of Funafuti, in the archipelago of Tuvalu, experiences the odd phenomenon of alternating drought and floods due to the warming of the sea. We see a visual orchestration of these alternating events manifesting in everyday activities… all flowing in an uninterrupted rhythm. As time passes and the camera gently floats from one beautifully constructed vignette to the next, the slow passage of time manages an incredible feat: to communicate the urgent danger ever present to this small island caused by the action – or rather inaction – of people far, far away. The image of Funafuti quite literally disappearing sears a permanent image in your mind, the only place it may live in the near future. Review by: Lesley Chilcott
Producer company







Cinemstography: Flatform, Camera: Simon Baumfield & Jess Charlton




Wiebe de Boer

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