The Tulum International Film Festival (FICTU) is a project that was founded in 2019, with the objective of creating a community that uses cinema as a starting point for dialogue based around artistic and audiovisual forms. It also intends to deal with the most urgent sociopolitical, environmental, and cultural issues.

The Tulum International Film Festival is made possible by the vision of Carlos Joaquín González, governor of Quintana Roo, and the support of Darío Flota Ocampo, president of the Tourism Promotion Council. The festival’s activities will be carried out at the initiative of the Tulum Municipality, and through its president Víctor Mas Tah. The goal is to elevate Tulum’s art and culture community, while attracting more national and international tourism.

Directed by Paula Chaurand, the festival’s lineup will consist of 25 films divided into four sections, with a total of 60 screenings, 5 locations, 3 days of formative activities- talks, forums and conversations for university students and the general public- and over 110 invited guests. All entries to screenings and activities are 100% free.

All of the festival’s screenings will be subtitled in Spanish and English. Five films will be presented in Maya, the indigenous language used by the majority of Quintana Roo. The goal is to bring the culture of cinema to communities where it is normally inaccessible.

Festival internacional de cine tulum tulum festival


Share high quality cinema that allows us to reflect on the most urgent issues of today and help initiate transformative action.


Create a sensitive, analytical and participatory community that improves its environment based on cinematic forms.


1) Discover examples of cinema that take the biggest risks and reflect on the most important issues that surround us.

2) Share the work of new Mexican talent operating on a national and international level.

3) Carry out a project of opportune diffusion that repairs the most important challenges of Mexican reality.